My Lady Sarah Steele, of Goodhue Minnesota

Who am I ?

I am sassy, I am silly, I am a mother, a sister, a lover, and a friend. I fall down, I make mistakes, but I get back up, sometimes to do it all over again.

I am fun, I am honest, and I believe that every woman no matter her age, weight or shoe size has a sexy woman just waiting to come out and play

I am a Lady in the Streets and A freak in the Sheets.

My name is Sarah and I am a Romance Consultant for Intimate Tickles and co-owner of Luxuriously Sexy Adult Toys by SS.

I am 46, a mother of two awesome girls ages 22 and 14.

I always tell people "leave the drama at the door, I have two girls, that's enough drama for me".

I have two awesome dogs. Savannah and Muppy. Muppy came to us a few years back from our friends who had a bought a place and she was left there. She had/has a few issues but then who doesn't? We got Savannah Christmas 2014 for my youngest daughter. She was 6 weeks old and just the cuties thing you ever did see.

I have my Associates degree in Massage Therapy and have owned my own business for almost 4 years now. I will say when it comes to being a Romance Consultant I am lacking in knowledge on the massage aspect of it.

As a Massage Therapist I deal with the anatomy of a person. There is no room or time for any kind of romance/sensual feelings in a MT office.

I will have to admit this is the one area I will be less than. That is why I have brought in a friend who is going to be helping me.

I have a man of 9 years and he is the love of my life. He encourages and supports me to follow my dreams. Being a Romance Consultant is and has been

a dream of mine for many years.

Being a Romance Consultant means I get to show you and tell you about a variety of sensual toys and accessory's, along with bath products, enhancement tools, lubrication, and so much more!! You get to touch them,feel them, taste them, and smell them.

This journey for me started along time ago:
I started babysitting at a very young age and I was a nosy little Gus. (been one of my fears as a mother that Karma was going to get me back and boy did she ever).

I can honestly say that everyone I babysat for had a dildo in there bedroom somewhere. (someone should of taught me, that it is rude to go into peoples bedroom and dig through their drawers).

By the age of 10 I was babysitting for this couple who had 3 kids. 7, 4, and 2. The couple would come and get me Friday night and would not return home until Sunday night. Here is where I learned way more than any 10 year old should. This couple had everything you can image in the form of toys, book, movies.

The 7 year old showed me how to hook up the old real to real movie projector one night, after the two younger ones were asleep. So there we were 10 and 7 watching porn on old real to real and not having a clue what it was all about.

At this same time I had a fort that was the top of an old barn. Here is where I would hang up naked men and woman that I got from the magazines I helped myself to. I have to say I was not your typical 10 year old girls.

Nothing much came of any of that including teaching me some manners.
Now a few years have gone by, I have moved a few times. One day my girlfriend and I run into a couple of kids we know and they started talking about the "porn fort" we had,

And I remembered.
I remembered that there where all these different size toys. Some looked like a penis, while others looked like a rocket-ship. Some had two penis heads on them. Then there were the round ones on a string???

I knew there had to be a reason for this toy and that one and how does one use it and does it feel good? Does it hurt:? and the questions went on and on.

I remembered I wanted to tell others about what I had seen and I found that nobody wanted to talk to me about it. Even years later when I was an adult.

Then there were those trouble teen years of mine. I like a guy who just happen to work in a book store. So I would go downtown to see him and as we hung out talking I would be surrounded by dildos and magazines and the sorts. My very first job is now Pure Pleasure. I can still walk in there and see where the restaurant use to be and remember exactly how it was all put together. That was 20 plus years ago.

So after many years of being around sex toys and having my own trial and error which lead to a lot of disappointment and money wasted on junk.

I am here today to tell you, show you and have fun with products that I encountered may years ago and I finally get to talk about!! See patients can pay off......

There is no stupid questions. What we learn through media, school and our family's can be as different as a zebra to and elephant. I will answer every question honestly and openly. If i do not know the answer I will let you know that and I will find an answer. There is no shame in not knowing something. There is no shame here at all. So if you have a question, please ask. Facebook: Email: Text Me: 507-298-1280 This is the easiest and fast way to get in touch with me.

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